Blackfire's Babysitter is the fifth episode of the New Teen Titans shorts.


Starfire arrives at Blackfire's house and immediately hugs her sister, exclaiming that she is happy to see her. The nonchalant Blackfire then explains that she needs a replacement babysitter for her kids, to which Starfire immediately accepts.

Starfire, who was eager to meet her infant nieces and nephews, was met with hideously disgusting creatures who resembles their father, Glgrdsklechhh. As Blackfire walks out of the room, the four babies begin to attack Starfire.

Meanwhile in another room, Blackfire changes clothes to look exactly like Starfire. However, Starfire caught her sister red-handed, realizing that she plans to go to Earth and pretend to be Starfire. Blackfire admits as such and prepares to star blast her sister. However, she was taken down and attacked by her energetic children, while Starfire could only watch.

The scene finally cuts to a more pleasant background, with the message "Happy Mother's Day".



  • This episode commemorates Mother's Day, as shown in the ending title card. It was aired on May 12, 2012, one day before the observance.
  • The episode's setting is most likely in the Swamp Moons of Drenthax IV, where Glgrdsklechhh resides.


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