Birdarangs are boomerang-based throwing weapons of small size and Robin's ranged weapon of choice, along with his explosive discs.


Birdarangs are essentially two crescent blades mounted on a handle. The blades consist of a strong metal alloy and are ground to razor-sharpness so that they are capable even of cutting through steel; but the birdarangs can also be employed to knock an opponent out by blunt trauma. In addition, Robin can throw them so they return into his hands regardless of whether they hit or miss, or even use their boomerang properties to make them hit an enemy from behind after supposedly missing them.

The Birdarang blades can also be used as makeshift cutting knifes if the situation demands it. When two Birdarangs are combined, they can extend a long, slim blade, thus acting effectively as a sword. They have been used as such in "Spellbound", "The End - Part 2" and in Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo.

Nightwing's Birdarang

Robin attacking with his Birdarang sword.

A new birdarang appeared in "How Long is Forever?" to cut Warp's explosive device and hitting Warp in his Vortex Regulator and therefore, transforming him into an infant again. The birdarang is black with blue extending wings.



  • Robin's birdarang was designed by Bruce Wayne/Batman as an analogue for his own batarangs.
  • The shape and method of deployment of Robin's birdarangs in the Teen Titans animated series appears to have been influenced by Terry McGinnis's batarangs from Batman Beyond.
  • The birdarang alludes an influence of Gatchaman (1972) on Teen Titans; the leader of the Gatchaman team, Ken Washio, employed a very similar folding winged boomerang-type weapon.
  • The birdarangs were named as "boomerangs" in the online game Lonely Warrior.
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