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Betrothed is the 29th episode of the Teen Titans series and the 3rd episode of Season Three.


Starfire is called back to Tamaran to be the bride in a arranged marriage, but to her surprise Starfire finds out that Blackfire has returned and has now become the new Grand Ruler of Tamaran. Will Starfire leave the Titans for good? Will a certain Titan reveal his feelings before it's too late? Or is there more to this wedding than meets the eye?


The Titans notice Starfire packing her things, and asks her where she is going. She explains she is returning to her home planet, Tamaran, and is never returning, much to the shock of her friends (especially Robin). When asked why, she says she is going to get married, and invites her friends along to attend her wedding, and to see her home planet.

On the way there, Robin learns that Starfire had never even met her groom before, and tries to talk her out of the wedding, but at that moment the Titan ship gets attacked by a squad of unknown space fighters. Through some evasive maneuvering the Titans outwit them and manage to destroy them.

Betrothed a

Robin takes it like a man!

Arriving at the royal palace, the Titans are introduced to Galfore, Starfire's former guardian, who explains that their attackers belonged to the Drenthax, who have recently conquered the planet, and welcomes Starfire back as the princess she is (she had neglected to mention this piece of trivia to the others). After receiving a taste of Tamaranean customs, they meet the Grand Ruler of Tamaran - their old enemy Blackfire, who has escaped from prison and taken over the throne. She arranged the wedding as part of a truce between Tamaran and Drenthax IV, with the groom being the ruler of the Drenthax, Glgrdsklechhh, a disgusting blob-like creature; if she marries him, she will become the Sklerch's consort.

Upset that Starfire is getting married to him and suspecting that Blackfire may be up to no good, Robin orders the Titans to check out things more closely while he goes off to try and persuade Starfire to flee the wedding, Starfire refuses for the welfare of her people. However, as Robin suspected, the whole affair turns out to be a hoax: Cyborg and Beast Boy find out that the Drenthax fleet is not piloted by alien crews but by robots, and Raven finds out the true reason behind the matter: In exchange for her sister's hand, Glgrdsklechhh has agreed to give Blackfire the Jewel of Charta, an artifact which would increase her powers and make her virtually invincible. The Titans are discovered and imprisoned, but upon sharing their intelligence, they decide not to quietly stand aside and break out to warn their friend.


Starfire challenges Blackfire for the throne.

In the meantime, Galfore has come to notice that Starfire's heart is not on the wedding at all, despite she is aware of its importance. Standing before the altar, just as she is asked by Blackfire whether she will take Glgrdsklechhh as her husband, Robin calls out to Starfire and she witnesses Robin fighting the palace guards and refuses; right afterwards, the Titans burst in and reveal Blackfire's plan. Enraged, Starfire challenges her sister for the crown. Even though the Jewel of Charta gives Blackfire an advantage, she cannot stand up against her sister's wrath; Starfire crushes the Jewel and then blasts Blackfire into submission.

Betrothed d

Starfire saying goodbye.

As the new ruler of Tamaran, Starfire calls off the wedding and banishes Blackfire from Tamaran. But as the crowd cheers her as the new Grand Ruler, she publicly admits that she is unfit to assume the throne either, as her heart is now set on Earth and her friends who always gave her tender, love and care, and she passes the crown on to Galfore, instating him as the new Grand Ruler. As they take their goodbyes, Starfire expresses to Galfore that she might find her true husband on Earth as she and him share a hug goodbye. Starfire and Robin then walk side-by-side back to the T-Ship together, to which Galfore smiles lovingly... And knowingly.


  • Silkie makes a blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameo at the very beginning of this episode. Pay special attention as Starfire is packing up her shoes and passes the Titans in the hallway.
  • It is revealed that Starfire is ticklish, very ticklish.
  • This is the only time in the series Starfire's true name - Koriand'r - from the DC comics is used.
  • The episode contains many continuity errors. After Starfire destroys the jewel of Charta, she attacks her sister. If you look very closely at Blackfire, you can see she is still wearing the Jewel; although Starfire had to learn English by kissing Robin in the episode Go! the Tamaraneans all speak English; and while Starfire and Galfore are having their conversation her clothing keeps changing from her wedding gown to her heroic costume and to her wedding gown again.
  • When the Titans are eating dinner a meal that looks like a Gordanian is being eaten.
  • Robin mirrors a scene from the 1967 film, The Graduate, when he shouts Starfire's name from behind a window
  • Starfire is saying something about a "portkins", the design and name are based off of Porkins from Star Wars.
  • This is the third episode focusing on Robin and Starfire's feelings for each other.
  • At the end of the episode, it is strongly hinted that Galfore seems to be aware of Robin and Starfire's feelings for each other.

Memorable Dialogue

  • Cyborg: Uhh...Starfire? Starfire: Hmm? Beast Boy: Going somewhere? Starfire: I'm leaving for Tamaran. Raven: And you're taking all your stuff because... Starfire: I am not ever coming back. Everyone: WHAT?! Robin: Starfire, what's wrong? Starfire: Nothing is wrong. I am... getting married. Everyone: WHAT?!
  • Robin: You're getting married?!!
    Starfire: Indeed! And I cannot wait to see Tamaran. I have been having a bit of the sick home feeling lately and am eager to introduce my home planet to you, my friends! First you must ingest some fresh-squeezed glorg, or perhaps sput-flinks! And wait until you see the portkins. They are as big as a flarnop!
    Beast Boy: Um am I the only one afraid of the big portkins?
    Robin: You're getting married?!!
    Raven: Uh, yeah, anyone we know?
    Starfire: Oh, I have never met him. My betrothed has been chosen for me by the Grand Ruler of Tamaran.
    [Starfire looks up to see Robin on her pod's canopy]
    Robin: You're getting married?! AND TO SOMEONE YOU'VE NEVER MET?! [notices just now that he´s outside the ship in space with no air and quickly "swims" back into his seat]
    Starfire: Of course Robin, it is the way of my people.
    Robin: But Starfire- [gets interrupted when the T-ship is attacked]
  • Starfire: Friends, I wish you to meet my k'norfka, Galfore. He raised me from the time I was very small.
    Beast Boy: [laughing] You mean this dude's your nanny?
    Galfore: [towering menacingly above him] YOU FIND THAT AMUSING, LITTLE ONE?!
  • Cyborg: Um, unless they tickle people to death here, I think you can chill.
  • Starfire: I have missed you, Galfore.
    Galfore: And I have missed you ... Princess Starfire.
  • The other Titans: PRINCESS?!?!?!!                                                                                                 Starfire: [sheepishly] Oh, yes, I am...second in line for the throne. Perhaps I forgot to mention? {Pulls guards and Galfore inside}                                                                                                                                       Cyborg: Did you know about this?                                                                                                                 Robin: Just go...                                                                                                                                    
  • Beast Boy: Help!!!! (Cyborg helps him out of the chair he got trapped in) I can't tell what's a bed, what's a chair and what's alive! How am I supposed to take my beauty nap?
  • Starfire: Let us now return to Earth, please. I'm feeling the sick for my home ... my real home.
    Beast Boy: Then let's hurry! I couldn't figure out how to use the bathrooms here!
    Cyborg: We are NOT having any accidents in the T-ship! You get me?
  • Beast Boy: Alien animals! Cool! (the alien tries to bite him) AH! (Beast Boy runs around the place like a headless chicken with his head tucked into his suit, Raven stops him and slaps him)
    Raven: You're the alien here.
  • Cyborg: [after Beast Boy turns into an alien animal] How did you know you could do that?
    Beast Boy: Lucky guess.
  • Robin (to Starfire) : I'm glad that you'll be staying with the Titans for a long time and not getting married.


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