Bad Dad is the fifteenth episode of the New Teen Titans shorts.


In the Titans tower, Raven answers the door bell to find Trigon outside the door, awkwardly saying hi to his daughter. Unimpressed, Raven closes the door on Trigon, only for the latter to catch the door open with his claw. While Trigon explains that he was only wants to visit his daughter, Raven does not believe him and recalls the events of "The End" trilogy where he tried to kill her and the rest of the Titans.

Trigon then offers her a rabbit plushie. However he immediately asked if he could eat Raven's soul. Raven responded by cutting off Trigon's claw, closing the door on him, and ripping the stuffed animal apart.



  • The timeline of the short is placed after "The End - Part 3".
    • Trigon appears despite being destroyed in that episode.


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