The B-Ped (otherwise known as the Tidwell 3000) was a moped and the preferred mode of transport for Beast Boy.


Little is known about the moped model Tidwell 3000, except that it appears to be a fashionable recreation vehicle for special collectors. Its special features included turbo boosters which could accelerate the vehicle to awesome speeds and even allow it to perform long-distance jumps. Beast Boy even desired some personal modification to increase its combat performance, such as a rocket launcher, but his primary intention was to use it to impress the ladies.

However, fashionable the moped was, it couldn't stand up to real-life superhero action. The only known model Beast Boy managed to get his hands on collapsed into a scrap pile, though to its credit it did allow him to successfully execute a city-wide operation against an invading alien force all by himself. It remains unknown (and unlikely) whether the B-Ped ever got repaired or replaced.




  • The Tidwell 3000 is very likely a play on Scooter Tidwell, who worked as a storyboard artist at several Teen Titans episodes.
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