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The Ring of Azar

Azar was the spiritual leader of Temple Azarath in the original Teen Titans comics. While never shown in the Teen Titans animated series, a brief mention was made in "Fractured" when Raven told Larry that "the Book of Azar" was not a toy. The Ring of Azar was given to Starfire by Slade, to protect the Titans from Trigon. While it could protect the Titans from Trigon, it could not protect them from their evil doppelgangers. The ring was destroyed by Starfire's corrupt clone in "The End - Part 3".


  • Azar means "bad luck" in Portuguese, although it means "helper" in Hebrew.

    Azarath, the home of Azar

  • In the original DC Comics, there were three people with the name Azar.
    • The first Azar led a group of pacifists away from the war plagued Earth and founded the peaceful nation of Azarath.
    • The Second Azar was the daughter of the first and led Azarathians for more than three hundred years.
    • The third Azar was the daughter of the second, and granddaughter of the first. The third Azar, like the two before her, was said to possess god-like powers and personally trained Raven to control her own powers.
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