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Atlas is a robotic villain and an enemy of the Teen Titans.

Character History

Atlas' first appearance was in "Only Human". When Cyborg beat him in a video game, Atlas demanded a rematch. However, he wanted to fight him hand to hand, not online. Atlas defeated him multiple times because Cyborg couldn't reach more than 100% because he was half robot. However, Cyborg found that it was his will that let him go over 100% in the past, so Cyborg used this as knowledge to defeat Atlas. He was defeated because Spike had left him and Atlas didn't know how to fix his armor himself.

He made a cameo at the end of "Homecoming - Part 2" as one of the recruits for the Brotherhood of Evil. When the Brotherhood set its plan in motion, Atlas teamed up with Adonis to take down Pantha. However, while it was not shown, Pantha managed to escape despite having a severe disadvantage. Atlas wasn't seen during the first phase of the final battle; however, he was seen towards the end of the second phase. Atlas is briefly seen getting shot by Cyborg's sonic blast, and was ultimately defeated when Bushido sliced his leg off.

Powers and Abilities

As a robot larger than human size, Atlas possesses superhuman strength and endurance, and his metallic shell provided him with excellent protection from physical and energy attacks. His arms could also be fitted with external modules which formed them into powerful beam cannons and other weapons; however, since Atlas had left Spike to do the refittings, Atlas had no practical knowledge of how to equip himself. It is also shown that, being a robot, he can turn his head 360 degrees. This allows him to turn his head to where it looks like it's on backwards. It is unknown whether or not he can rotate other parts of his body like this.


Teen Titans

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Teen Titans Go!

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  • Atlas bears some resemblance to Gutsman, one of the original six Robot Masters from the classic Megaman series, who is also revered for his physical strength.
  • His name is based on the Greek Titan from Greek Mythology.
  • He may also be based on the villain of the same name from the Astro Boy series, both are robots who are obsessed with perfection and both trying to prove they are the strongest robot.
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