Quote1.png"You forever had the love of your people, Raven, even knowing what you would become and what that would bring... "Quote2.png
―Arella to her daughter, Raven[src]

Arella Roth was a denizen of the extradimensional realm of Azarath and the mother of Raven.


Arella is a very peaceful, controlled, motherly woman, but also rather fatalistic like her daughter, mainly due to the part she had unwittingly played in Trigon's scheme.

Series Information

Teen Titans

Season Four

"The Prophecy"

When the prophecy was about to come to pass, Raven desperately sought out Azarath for help, only to find the city at first apparently deserted. A white dove led Raven to her mother, who could offer neither help nor comfort since the prophecy was inevitable. Right afterwards, it was revealed that the sound state of Azarath had been in fact a cruel illusion: The city was destroyed and in flames, and its people, including Arella, had apparently perished. But after Raven defeated Trigon, she was restored along with Azarath. 

DC Comics Origin

In the DC comics, Arella, Angela Roth at this time, was born in Gotham City. She was a depressed, aimless teenager who fell in with occultists who goaded her to participate in a secret ceremony to appeal to Trigon, who was to manifest in the earth-plane. Although she knew Trigon was a demon by origin, she thought Trigon's human form was authentic. When she realized Trigon's true form, it was already too late. Trigon revealed himself and had sex with her against her will; this is how Raven was conceived. After that, Arella attempted to kill herself with pills in an abandoned alleyway. Instead of dying, however, she was taken to Azarath, located between all dimensions. It was there that she was taught pacifism and had her name changed to Arella.

Through this union, Arella gave birth to Raven and raised her in the peaceful realm of Azarath. Despite Arella's efforts, her daughter was bound to Trigon by a prophecy which entails the subjugation and destruction of all life. Arella forever gave Raven her love, even knowing what she was destined to become: a vessel for Trigon's evil.

Powers and abilities

Arella seems to be able to wield some sorceress abilities, enough to leave a projection of herself and their realm for her daughter even after Trigon had devastated Azarath. It was then revealed that Azarath had already been destroyed, and that Arella may be dead. Although this is debatable, she must had given Raven her last words through a telepathic imprint of some sort. The true extent of her powers are unknown, though evidently they were unable to shield herself or Azarath from Trigon's own wrath.



Teen Titans

Season Four

Teen Titans Go!


  • Arella is the only mother of a Titan to officially appear in the series.
  • In the 2011 relaunch of the comics, Arella's father is a fanatical priest who physically and emotionally abuses her and she eventually runs away from home to escape him when she is a teenager. It was at this time when the cult that worshiped Trigon lured her into their fold and eventually offered her to the demon as a bride.
  • Her original incarnation from 1981 was abandoned as a baby and spent her early life as a ward of the state being bounced from foster home to foster home and joined Trigon's cult as a young woman.
  • When Raven reunites with Arella, she calls out to her by her first name, which seems rather strange. It is highly unusual for children to call their parents by their first name, especially considering how Raven then calls her “Mother” for the rest of the scene. This may have been for the audience, however, as Arella is a somewhat obscure character and it is the first time her character is introduced in the series.


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