Aquagirl is a young superhero from Atlantis who was invited to join the Titans following the attack by Private HIVE and his Army Brats.


Aquagirl first appeared in "Graduation Day" as a prospective new recruit for the Teen Titans. It can be assumed she joined up soon after. She was later seen in the last issue of Teen Titans Go! as a chibi with Aqualad.


Aquagirl wears a short, scaly sleeveless golden dress with elbow-length gold fingerless gloves and golden boots. She has pale blue skin, short dark teal hair, and gill markings on her cheeks.

Powers and Abilities

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  • Aquagirl first appeared in the DC Comics universe in Aquaman #33, being the second person to bear the title. She was Aqualad's girlfriend and aided him and the Teen Titans in taking down the H.I.V.E. She died during Crisis on Infinite Earths when Chemo polluted the water she was swimming in with toxic waste. She was later revived during Blackest Night as a Black Lantern, and killed Garth, transforming him as well.


Teen Titans Go!

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