Andre Le Blanc ("Andre the White") is a master jewel thief and an enemy of the Teen Titans.

Character History

Andre Le Blanc is a professional jewel thief who apparently emigrated from France to the United States. When the Teen Titans were once away during their conflict with the Brotherhood of Evil, Le Blanc wanted to exploit their absence and rob the Bank of Perez, only to run into the Titans East (who were filling in for the Titans at that time), who captured him very quickly.

Le Blanc was eventually bailed out by the Brotherhood and joined their ranks when they conducted their worldwide attack against young superheroes. Though temporarily incapacitated by Beast Boy during an impromptu confrontation, he participated in the final battle against the assembled Titans. He was eventually defeated by Robin and Cyborg's combination attack (possibly the Sonic Boom they invented in "Divide and Conquer") and was seen as one of the flash frozen enemies.

Teen Titans Go!

Le Blanc made an appearance in issue #39, where he was inadvertently aided in two getaways from the Titans by Larry, who was playing Cupid at the time. Eventually, however, he was apprehended and captured by a large ensemble of his enemies.

Powers and Abilities

Andre Le Blanc is a professional thief and burglar, who is known for his robberies. As a robber, Le Blanc shows a variety of weapons he can use, including pipe bombs, rope, and grappling hook, many of which he utilizes to escape from his crime scene and elude capture.


Teen Titans

Season 5

Teen Titans Go!


  • Andre Le Blanc was an enemy of Red Star's in the mainstream DC comics.
  • He is perhaps the most unsuccessful villain in the series, even having failed worse than Doctor Light as he is one of the very few villains who did not get an episode in which he played a major role.
  • Andre Le Blanc resembles The Incredibles villain Bomb Voyage with his thieving skills, use of bombs, and a French accent.
  • Andre Le Blanc may be a reference to fictional French thief, Arsene Lupin, created by Maurice Leblanc