This is the transcript for the episode "Aftershock - Part 2".


(Opening shot: Terra emerging into light against a black field.)

Terra: (voice over) My name is Terra, and I have done horrible things.

(A towering image of Slade, wreathed in flames, fades into view behind her.)

Terra: (voice over) I have sworn to serve a dark master. (He raises one hand.) I have obeyed his every command, (It curls to a fist.) and committed crimes in his name.

(A lick of fire washes across the screen. When it clears, the view has shifted to a street in Jump City. Ranks of commando robots march along under the glow of sunset. From here, cut to a black screen against which a vertical panel floats down; within it, the heart-shaped box given to Terra by Beast Boy in "Betrayal" slowly falls. Fullscreen: more robots, matching the design of the secondary black-and-white ones that attacked the Titans in "Masks", but with gray armor, are on the march. The single panel again; now the lid flips open to expose the mirror on its inner surface. Head-on view of both groups of robots, advancing in a single body through the misty street, then the panel again. The box slowly shatters as it reaches the bottom edge, after which we see a shot of Terra in her Titan outfit. This cracks down the middle, the two halves falling together to leave only the left half of her face exposed, a parallel for the way she now styles her hair to hide the right side.)

(The street again. Behind the marching androids, she rises into view on a piece of pavement and floats overhead. Cut to a close outer-space view of part of the Earth's surface; an image of his insignia is marked in one spot, and red-orange arrows extend in all directions to represent his growing dominion. As they cross the shorelines, the planet fades away to leave a black screen behind it all; cut to an overhead view of a wide gorge. One by one, the Titans drop into it on the next line.)

Terra: (voice over) I have betrayed and attacked everyone who used to be my friend. (She fades into view; the gorge closes.) One by one, I have destroyed the Teen Titans.

(Zoom in slightly on the end of this; her hands glow threateningly. Dissolve to a long shot of her above the Jump City streets and pull back slowly. Shadowed outlines of fleeing people stand frozen in terror.)

Terra: (voice over) And with no one left to stop me...

(Rumbling, followed by geysers of mud and stone dust, then a long shot of another ravaged block. Wrecked cars are strewn about in the fog. Pull back slowly.)

Terra: (voice over) ...I have brought an entire city to its knees.

(Slade's robots continue their unstoppable march, emerging from the dusty haze to approach the camera. Cut to each of the following in turn. Robin falling into the shadows. A slow pan across an empty street. Cyborg falling. The commandos moving on. Raven falling. Terra standing before the flaming image of Slade. Starfire falling. The commandos. Beast Boy falling.)

(The screen remains black after he has dropped out of sight; against it, Terra fades into view once more.)

Terra: (voice over) My name is Terra. I have done horrible things.

(Dissolve to an extreme close-up of Slade's eye and zoom in slowly toward its pupil.)

Terra: (voice over) And I have absolutely no regrets.

(By now, the camera has passed through that black spot. She emerges from the darkness and fixes the camera with a long, implacable glare before the screen snaps to black.)


Act One

(Opening shot: a slow roof-level pan through Jump City. The fog obscuring the sky makes it impossible to tell what time of day it is. Dissolve to a group of pay phones, all off the hook, and pan across the deserted street. The next dissolve puts us at a curb; a couple of cars sit abandoned by the parking meters as wisps of dust and fog drift past. Long shot of the wreck-strewn block seen in the prologue, pulling back slowly.)

(Cut to a battalion of the secondary robots. They stride across the street, leaving commandos at attention on both sidewalks. Overhead view of the block, tilting ahead of these massed advancing forces to show even more troops on the go. The view shifts slightly and flickers with a bit of static; pull back to show Slade watching it and other angles on a wall of monitors in his stained-glass-windowed lair.)

Slade: A world without Titans. (Overload stands behind him.) I was beginning to think I'd never see the day. (Slow pan; Cinderblock and Plasmus are on his other side.) But at long last, the city is ours, and victory is mine.

(Cut to Terra, riding her pavement platform slowly down, both arms tucked behind her back.)

Slade: (heard in the receiver plugged into Terra's ear) Fine work, apprentice. You have made me very proud.

Terra: Thanks. It was fun.

(She passes the camera; behind the trailing edge of her hair, the view changes to show her cruising down a street under that sick gray-black sky. A sound of young laughter; the Titans brings her up short, and the blond bulldozer's image dissolves to one of her in the old black/yellow-orange outfit. The sky behind her is clear and blue now, and Beast Boy's hand reaches up to plant itself on her shoulder. She joins in the laughter.)

(Pull back. All six are around an outdoor table at the team's favorite pizza joint, with stacks of empty boxes everywhere. The tallest sits by Cyborg, whose arm is held aloft by Starfire, while Raven just sits and reads. That burst of laughter was from Terra's memory, and we have gone back to the day of a pizza-eating contest that the big man has just won handily. Beast Boy looks very ill, while Robin waves a white flag in surrender.)

(Dissolve back to the present day; the table stands unused in the mist. Terra eyes it for a long moment before speaking.)

Terra: Sector Five is secure. Pretty quiet up here since all the people cleared out.

Slade: Get used to it, my dear. This city is only the first of many. (She starts away.)

Terra: I know.

(She continues down the silent street. Pan across the building facades, whose windows show her passing, stolid reflection, not a person in sight, and stop on a set of double doors. Dissolve to put them in color, another flashback; the Amazing Mumbo kicks them open, sacks of cash in hand, and runs off laughing. He has just pulled a bank job. Robin and Beast Boy run out after him, and the camera pulls back across the street. Before the mad magician can set foot on the opposite sidewalk, a huge stone fist shoots up, seizes him in an unbreakable grip, and hoists him up o.c. After it has gone, the view clears to show Cyborg, Starfire, and Raven looking on as well, and amid a fluttering shower of loose bills, Terra steps into view to look up at her work.)

Robin: Yes!

Beast Boy: Go, Terra! (She laughs.)

[Note: This robbery forms the basis for the story in issue #12 of the Teen Titans Go! comic series "Magic & Misdirection."]

(A bill drifts past, very near the camera, and behind its trailing edge the view changes to the bank entrance, seen from across the street in the present day. Terra floats past it and the commandos stationed on the sidewalk; she is now deep in thought over these past moments. She passes a tree; behind it, the view changes to another memory; she laughs and walks through the park with Beast Boy.)

Beast Boy: And then Cyborg says...

(They pass another tree, behind which the view changes to the present. She continues her patrol, eyeing the troops, and stops amid a group of secondary robots. All are facing the Tower, standing alone and dark in the mist that covers Jump City Bay.)

Terra: Well, we did it. They're really gone.

(Raven's telekinetic powers lash into view, in the form of a long ribbon that wraps itself around one robot and hauls it away. Terra has spoken too soon.)

Terra: Huh?

(Another robot steps forward and is promptly blindsided by a starbolt/sonic cannon combo. The explosion sends Terra sliding across the pavement; groaning in pain, she tries to lift her head.)

Slade: Apprentice, report! What's going on?

Terra: I don't--

(The Titans' silhouettes begin to emerge from the miasma; she scuttles backward a bit.)

Terra: No! I destroyed you! You're all-- (Her nemeses stand motionless in the fog.)

Slade: Terra! Attack! Now!

(She follows orders, smashing their position to rubble, but when the dust clears, all it reveals is a car that has been flipped upside down by the tremors. Panicking a bit, she backs up and looks left and right, that curtain of hair over her right eye swinging heavily with the motion. In the fog behind her, a large wolf-like shape races by; an instant later, two booted feet pass in front. Now Terra is really rattled, but her attention is distracted and she does not notice the big, broad human shape coming up fast to throw a punch. Cyborg catches her squarely in the back; the blow sends her down the street a bit, and as soon as she gets up, a starbolt hits her broadside.)

[Recurring animation goof: From now until the end of the episode, the insignia on Terra's breastplate will occasionally reverse colors.]

(She sits up woozily, rubbing her head, and suddenly finds the shapes of Raven and Beast Boy, back in human form, advancing from the murk. A stone column rises to carry her out of range, but another of Starfire's shots blows it apart under her feet. The caped outline of Robin leaps high and hurls a handful of grenades down at her; she raises a rock sheet to stop their explosions from reaching her, only to be flattened by Cyborg's cannon shot. Zoom in slightly on her.)

Slade: On your feet, Terra! Your suit's neural interface allows me to assist you in combat... (Terra stands.) ...but I can only help if you get up and fight!

(Cyborg rushes at her now; with a fierce yell, she brings up many pavement chunks amid a broad vertical shaft of yellow light that surrounds her. Whatever she was planning is cut off when an enormous black hand reaches up from behind and seizes her. Raven's "soul-self" emerges entirely, carrying Terra high into the air. Close-up of the apprentice's face, whose eyes register undiluted fear and then narrow as the yellow glow starts anew. A stone spike shoots up to knock her out of the apparition's grip, and she rises on a piece of it, but the silhouette of Beast Boy, once again a wolf, streaks across and plows her away.)

(Terra tumbles through the fog and lands to find that growling beast advancing toward her.)

Terra: (scared) Beast Boy! Beast Boy! Stop! Aren't you even gonna talk to me?

(His snarls are the only answer she can get, and Cyborg starts to emerge off to one side.)

Cyborg: There's nothing left to say. (Pan; here come the other three.)

Starfire: You attempted to annihilate us.

Raven: Did you think we wouldn't take it personally?

Robin: It's over, Terra.

(Overhead shot of the area, Terra ringed by the five heroes in righteous fury, Beast Boy back in human form, then cut to her. After one last panicked look around, she makes up her mind and takes to the air, riding high above the rooftops to make her getaway. One by one, the Titans step out of the fog and look after her; Robin has replaced the insignia yanked off his tunic at the end of Part One. Starfire is first to break the tense silence.)

Starfire: She seems quite scared.

Raven: Scared isn't the same as sorry.

Robin: I don't care how she feels. Terra's a dangerous criminal, and she has to be stopped.

Beast Boy: She will be. (clenches a fist) I'm going to make sure of it. (Cyborg's forearm panel beeps; he checks it.)

Cyborg: Got a lock. She's heading east.

(Another street. Terra runs to beat the band, as she did at the start and end of "Terra", and takes cover in an alley.)

Slade: Where do you think you're going, young lady?

Terra: Anywhere! I was getting thrashed, I had to get--

(Close-up of Slade's fist, slamming down; he is in his lair. On the next line, tilt up to frame him.)

Slade: No! I will not tolerate failure, apprentice. I will not permit you to run away! (Back to her; he is heard over her receiver.) You will stay! You will fight! And you will win!

(She edges to the mouth of the alley and looks out. Nothing here, but a moment later, Cyborg rushes with a savage yell and rams a shoulder into her hard enough to drive her well down the block. She raises a couple of rocks and sends them at him and Raven; he smashes through one, while she levitates the other and throws it back full force. This one hits the ground just in front of Terra, shattering into several chunks and giving her a new platform to sand on. Now a cannon blast slices the air just next to her; up she goes, only to meet Starfire and one super-strong right hook. The Tamaranean instantly pulverizes the stone into dust, dropping Terra back to the street.)

(She brings a new piece of roadbed loose and rides up on it, but Robin's grappling hook whistles into view to snare her. A hard yank on the line has her eating asphalt in no time, but she is soon upright again and shooting pieces of rubble at the Boy Wonder to stop his charge. Next, a starbolt nails her in the back; here comes Starfire, blasting away to force Terra back. More fragments are lifted and fired into the air, but a mighty starbolt blows them all away and drops the traitor to her knees.)

(Cyborg's turn. A bionic punch at the ground makes her jump away, and his follow-up cannon burst sends her down again. She looks up with a gasp as a large shadow falls on her from overhead; pull back as the source, a bus, crashes down right on top of her and explodes. Raven lands to inspect the smoking site; she moved this vehicle, but behind her, Terra emerges, intact, on a piece of asphalt and flies away, only to find Beast Boy charging as a pterodactyl. A last-second dodge puts her past the ex-boyfriend, so that he has to double back and do some serious flapping to catch up again.)

(Terra raises several columns at crazy angles to slow him down; he crashes into one of them, but her platform is quickly hit with a starbolt and she nearly loses her balance. Having taken her teammate's place in the pursuit, Starfire blazes away and scores a number of very near misses.)

Terra: Slade! Help! I can't do this alone! (Cut to him.)

Slade: Dear child, you are never alone.

(The street. Terra races past, Starfire hot on her heels, but a section of the pavement ruptures, stretching from side to side, and the Titan stops short. As the others rush up, Beast Boy in human form, the trio of monsters appears amid an aura of crackling blue-white light. The five stare bug-eyed, watching Plasmus, Overload, and Cinderblock rise slowly into the air. Close-up of the six feet, tilting up slowly as currents of energy begin to eddy around the bodies, and then they begin to swirl together as if they were in a nightmare ice cream maker. Cinderblock's hand develops a coating of Plasmus sludge and becomes energized; his toes elongate, similar to those of the purple beast, and also light up; slime oozes over the chest and head, the latter of which is soon covered with those lurid green eyes.)

(The stares of horrified amazement continue. Now the aura that surrounded the three creatures has become a sparking ball, which soon disappears under a huge eruption of energy from beneath the street surface. All five Titans avert their eyes from the blinding radiance; when it clears, one long-toed foot is set down near the camera, accompanied by a loud growl. Cut to a head-on shot of those two stomping legs and tilt up slowly to the head. Two legs, two arms, one body and head, but looking as if assembled from random parts of the three creatures. Topping it all is Plasmus' multi-eyed face. This conglomeration, Ternion, roars down at the Titans.)

Cyborg: And I thought they were ugly before. (They charge.)

Robin: Titans! Go!

(On that last word, cut to Slade's lair. He stands with his back to the camera as Terra runs in.)

Terra: Slade! I made it! I'm alive. I can't believe they almost beat me.

(He stands motionless for a second, then whips around and smashes a forearm into her face. She fetches up against the far wall and is soon covered by his approaching shadow. Raising her head, she utters a sharp gasp; cut to her perspective, he stands over her.)

Slade: That was nothing... (leans toward the camera) ...compared to what I'm going to do to you.

(He moves closer until the screen is filled with the white of his eye. Fade to black.)

Act Two

(Opening shot: an overhead view of all Titans save Starfire, still frozen in place by the shock of the metamorphosis they have just observed. Their fifth teammate backs into view above them. One of Ternion's huge, slimy, energized arms stretches toward the group; they dive in all directions to avoid the punch, and Robin hurls a handful of grenades into his face. They explode with great force, dropping him to his knees as Robin comes down in front of him. After a moment of rest, Ternion lashes several tentacles out from his shoulders. Their ends spark as they tangle him up; he is lifted high into the air, shocked with a few thousand volts, and thrown down near Raven.)

Raven: Azarath Metrion Zinthos!

(Her spell lifts a nearby parked car and slings it at the three-in-one menace. It crashes into his face with a terrific explosion, after which she lands by Robin and starts to help him up. Both stare at the blast aftermath; from which Ternion emerges, undamaged and roaring mad, after a moment. Here comes Starfire, screaming and swooping in past the two Titans with flames shooting from her eyes. She homes in on the gut and punches a hole clear through it, then puts an eye blast into the back of the head. The monstrosity turns to face her and stretches an arm out for a grab; he misses her, but bashes a hole in a building.)

(The movement leaves his back wide open for the cannon shot that flashes up. Cut to Cyborg, firing at will; he is quickly seized by a gooey appendage and hauled up. Back to Ternion; this is his tongue, and he swallows the bionic Titan only to spit him to the end of the block right away. Cyborg sits up from the crater his impact has just put in the front of a building down there, but he has no time to get back into the fight. A new shadow falls over him; pull back to show one of Slade's secondary robots standing here. Tilt up to its head, then cut to an extreme close-up of Cyborg's eyes, the brows lowering in fierce determination.)

(Back to the main battle. Robin and Raven move in different directions to avoid Ternion's strikes; tilt up as she circles around and hits him with a shot. She dodges a punch, then counters with a blast that pushes him up against a building; he gets up with a fresh roar and stomps up to face the two Titans again. Before he can attack, though, a yell from the o.c. Starfire is heard and he tumbles onto his back. Cut to her, standing just in front of his position, her raised arms showing the monster heave-ho she has just given him.)

(Laser blasts zip past the three Titans, who look down the street and find a very large crew of commando robots moving in with guns blazing. Several jump down near the fallen beast; Starfire takes a frightened step back toward the other two. Down the street, the robot that menaced Cyborg is thrown against a building, then gets a fist driven into its chest. What the four-hundred-pound fighter yanks out is a piece of machinery that looks something like a human heart; its removal causes the robot to short out once and for good.)

(More laser shots flash by; down the street, Slade's troops are massing for a charge. Cyborg looks up the ripped-out device, which has started to beep, and a wicked grin steals over his face. As if throwing a long pass, he hurls it toward the enemies and is rewarded with a huge explosion that wipes them all out. The glare clears to show him ducking and covering; he then stands up and wipes his hands happily, but a secondary robot charges out of the fog at him. Pinned to the wall, he struggles fiercely to break loose, but a laser in the single eye warms up to blast him out of existence. Instead of getting blown away, however, he is saved when Beast Boy leans into view as a tyrannosaurus rex and clamps his jaws onto the android. It is shaken back and forth until it falls apart.)

(Cut to Cyborg, staring in complete disbelief at this display of undiluted ferocity, then to the dust cloud in front of him. Beast Boy emerges in human form and stomps over; he is probably angrier than he has ever been in his life.)

Beast Boy: Where's Terra?

Cyborg: What's the matter? A robot army and a giant Franken-thingie not enough for you?

Beast Boy: I don't care about them. I want Terra.

(A commando leaps at him from behind; he wheels with a ferocious scream, becomes a giant gorilla, and smashes it apart with one punch. The subsequent roar makes Cyborg stare wide-eyed again, and the green primate lopes off down the street in search of his quarry.)

(Back to Slade's lair. He stands at a distance as Terra tumbles across the floor near the camera; she has taken another pounding. After a second, he steps toward her.)

Slade: You failed me, apprentice. I ordered you to eliminate the Titans. You did not. I commanded you to fight, and you ran. (She stands up, cloth under-wrappings in tatters.)

Terra: You can't treat me like this.

Slade: Can't I?

(A white flash, and we see her slamming into the wall again and collapsing.)

Slade: Who else would have you, my dear? (She pulls herself up.) You've done horrible things. Unforgivable things. (Behind her, face to wall; he continues o.c.) Where else could you possibly go? (She turns.)

Terra: Anywhere but here! I'm sick of fighting, and I'm sick of you!

(She tries to pull her breastplate off, but it will not budge.)

Slade: You'll find that quite impossible. The suit's neural interface has integrated into your nervous system. into your skin. (Cut to her; he continues o.c.) It's part of you... (She stares at it; back to him.) ...and so am I, Terra. (She gasps and backs up.)

Terra: No! (Pan to him.)

Slade: You chose this life, apprentice. It's too late to change your mind now; far too late.

Terra: But it's not too late for me to walk out the door.

(She starts to do just that, giving him her back, but he steps partly into view after her.)

Slade: (from o.c.) I'm afraid it is, my dear. (Pull back to frame Slade.) You see... (holds one finger over other wrist) no longer have any control in the matter.

(He presses a hidden button. Terra stops in her tracks, then falls to her knees with an agonized groan as sparks spit from every part of her body. When Slade holds out one hand, palm up, she is pulled to her feet by the remote control he has just activated. Eyes bugging out, teeth grinding together, jittering uncontrollably, she takes one labored step after another and ends up face to face with her master.)

Slade: You promised to fight at my side forever.

(On the end of this, the sparks stop and he touches her chin, lifting her face. Extreme close-up of his eye.)

Slade: And that's a promise I intend to make you keep.

(Cut to a street corner. All the Titans, save Beast Boy, are surrounded by commando robots. More of them move in; Robin, Starfire, and Raven back toward each other, and the camera pulls back to frame Cyborg as he does likewise. Here they come from all directions, and in an overhead view we see that they have moved in to very close quarters indeed. The slow, steady advance continues for another unbearable second or two before Robin speaks.)

Robin: Raven! Now!

(He produces a small globe, about the size of a baseball, and throws it straight up. Close-up of this: it has six small protrusions, set at 90-degree angles like the faces of a cube. These extend outward on small tubes and glow very brightly before the whole thing goes up in a colossal flash, blowing robots and rubble in all directions. The view clears to show the four Titans at ground zero, protected by a hemispherical shield Raven has put up. She lets it dissipate so they can look around; cut to behind them and tilt up to point along the street. Ternion, the heart of the whole problem, is still on his feet and clumping toward them, but he is very woozy now after Robin's bomb blast. He looks up just as Raven throws a bus at him; it plows squarely into his mouth.)

(Behind her, Cyborg and Starfire rush in. The bionic left fist is launched as a grappling hook and loops around the slimy/stony/electrical body. Pulling with every scrap of his strength, his circuits glowing brightly under the strain, he soon gets a helping hand from Starfire. Ternion starts to topple forward, but gets himself straight with a mighty roar; the cable snaps, throwing both Titans backward past Raven. They tumble against a pile of rubble and look skyward. Robin has made it to a rooftop and is watching the enemy very carefully; when the right moment presents itself, he leaps onto the glowing back with something in hand.)

(In close-up, this device is shown to be a disc, which he sets in place. The press of a button at its center extends four clamps that dig into the sludge to hold the thing fast, and he leaps ahead to land in a crouch. Just after he hits the ground, his disc emits a high-intensity electric pulse that throws Ternion into a straight-backed, screaming seizure, and when it abates, he pitches forward smoking to the street. Only now does Robin stand up to inspect the fallen enemy; Raven moves up to follow suit.)

Raven: We're gonna need a bigger jail. (Starfire and Cyborg join them; the latter has reattached his hand.)

Starfire: Where is Beast Boy?

(Robin pulls out his communicator and gives it a look.)

Robin: Five kilometers east, and eight hundred meters below the surface.

(Fade to black.)

Act Three

(Opening shot: Beast Boy, as a wolf, standing atop a high ledge in a cavern. He jumps down from one to the next, the camera following, and reaches the floor for a run. Cut to a set of closed steel doors; he stops at this and wrinkles his nose angrily. Inside, the doors are smashed open by his charge as a woolly mammoth. A ceiling-mounted security camera swivels to point at him; he drops out of sight, and we then see him leap onto the housing as a rat and disconnect a wire to knock it out. Hopping down to the ground, he resumes human form and starts down the passage.)

(After several yards, the sound of Terra's distant sobbing makes itself heard and he finds himself at the entrance to Slade's lair. She is huddled on the floor; he runs to her, all his fierce zeal and bloodlust disappearing in a heartbeat.)

Beast Boy: Terra?

Terra: Destroy me, quick.

Beast Boy: What?

Terra: Come on! Isn't that what you came for? Do it! Now!

(A flash, and Slade has again exerted his control over her body. She groans with the unendurable effort as his programming drags her upright and extends a hand at Beast Boy. A blast of her powers hurls him across the dim chamber; he crashes against the wall and drops semiconscious onto his face. Cut to ground level, the camera pointing at Slade from beneath the arm Beast Boy has tried to prop himself up with.)

Slade: Forgive my apprentice. As usual, she can't seem to control herself.

(On the end of this line, Terra straightens up behind him. As Beast Boy looks up in complete shock, she staggers toward him, her visible eye filled with tears.)

Slade: So from now on, (A tear spills down her cheek.) I will be controlling her every move.

(The suit crackles as she plods toward the Titan. After a long internal struggle, contrite mind versus unalterable command; her eyes blaze up and the camera pulls back as she levitates many tumbled stones. They fly at Beast Boy, who jumps clear and swoops away as a falcon; she merely pivots to direct her rock barrage after him. Approaching Slade as a huge wolf, he is smashed aside by a huge boulder. The mastermind just looks incuriously down at him.)

(Cut to Beast Boy, back in human form and groaning among the debris. Raising his head, he looks around the chamber; Terra emerges inexorably from the thick dust, and his fury starts to surface again.)

Beast Boy: What have you done to her? (Cut to Slade.)

Slade: Nothing she didn't want me to. (Terra steps in to face the camera.) Terra came to me seeking control, and that's precisely what I've given her. My control, her body.

(Beast Boy glares at the two; Slade raises a hand, as does Terra, on the next line.)

Slade: I think you'll find I make far better use of her powers.

(The stones around him rise into the air and slam toward him, but he turns into a rat and jumps out of the way. As he scampers toward Terra and Slade, who raise their arms together, a large chunk of the floor rises under his feet and bears him toward the ceiling. Again, a last-second jump gets him out of harm's way; he becomes a rhinoceros as he falls. Terra drops out of sight, then rises behind him on a cylindrical piece. Most of it flicks away to leave a deadly sharp point at the bottom end, which she aims at the green changeling. Just before it embeds itself in the ground, he becomes a python, loosely coiled so that Terra's missile stabs the open space inside.)

(Beast Boy slithers away only to be seized by a hand that emerges from the ground. Cut to Terra, zooming in slowly, then dissolve to Slade and continue the camera movement.)

Slade: That's my good, little girl.

(The jilted Titan becomes a gorilla and breaks loose of the stony fist clamped around him. A growling lunge takes him across the space and brings Terra off her perch; she ends up with her shoulders pinned.)

Terra: You have to stop me, Beast Boy! Please! I don't want to fight anymore! (He resumes human form.)

Beast Boy: Then don't let Slade control you anymore!

Terra: I have no choice.

Beast Boy: That's a lie! You've always had a choice!

(She stares pleadingly up at him. Cut to Slade, who backs up with a yell of pure rage, and dissolve to Terra's eyes glowing, same posture, an equally furious scream in her throat. Two thin columns shoot up and project her friend/enemy high across the lair; he tumbles down from the far wall. Cu to Slade and zoom in, then dissolve to Terra in the same pose and zoom in again. Beast Boy gets to his feet.)

Beast Boy: It's all been your choice! (crosses to Terra) You chose to work for Slade, chose to betray us, and now you've chosen to give him control! Slade isn't doing this, Terra! You are!

Terra: No!

(She collapses the floor around her feet, leaving herself on a small perch and dropping him several yards, but he quickly becomes a falcon and flies back up. He lands in human form past the edge of the cave-in, but this area buckles and flings him back even farther; as he tumbles, he becomes a wolf and sets into a run. With a tortured yell, Terra brings down a fair part of the ceiling in an attempt to flatten the lupine Titan. A dense dust cloud hides him from view; cut to a close-up of Terra, eyes squeezed shut in horror at what she may have done. A short bark makes her pop them open in surprise, and the haze clears to show him amid the rubble with one leg trapped.)

(Terra gasps sharply at the sight of him. Pan to Slade a short distance back.)

Slade: Very good, my dear. (raises his left arm) Now shall we finish him off?

(Driven against her will, she takes faltering steps toward Beast Boy, who resumes human form and strains to get himself free of the rock fall. She reaches the spot and directs an anguished glance down at her former teammate and friend before her left arm comes up.)

Beast Boy: Terra! No!

Terra: He's too powerful! (Her hand glows.) I can't stop him!

Beast Boy: Yes, you can! It's your power, not his! (as she reaches to him) You can still control it! You can still do the right thing!

Terra: (sadly) It's too late.

(The rock sheets around him rise and form into a pointed missile, just like the one she tried to impale him with earlier. It hovers above his prone form as she keeps that left hand motionless in front of her; the battle is still raging in her mind and heart. Close-up of him, eyes fixed on the o.c. implement of death; its point plunges into view, but stops just short of his face. He utters a small gasp at having been spared; her attention is drawn by the next word.)

Robin: (from o.c.) STOP!!

(Cut to the overhead reaches. He swings down on the end of a line and flashes past Slade.)

Slade: Strike, apprentice! Now! (Robin lands, followed by Cyborg with his cannon ready.)

Robin: Terra! No!

(Starfire flies in; Raven's eyes glow from the shadows, and she steps forth with both hands set to blast.)

Raven: It'll be the last thing you ever do!

(The standoff is now well and truly joined; Terra holding Beast Boy at the point of her lethal stone barb, while she herself faces down checked starbolts, cannon, telekinesis, and explosive discs.)

Slade: I gave you an order!

(Terra stares wide-eyed; cut to Starfire in midair, hands and eyes fully loaded.)

Slade: (from o.c.) DO IT!!

Starfire: Please, Terra, no!

Cyborg: Don't do it! Don't do it! (Cut to her and Beast Boy.)

Robin: (from o.c.) Listen to us, Terra.

(His voice and those of the other three armed Titans call out a jumble of arguments, trying to talk her down. As they fall silent, cut to Beast Boy and zoom in slowly.)

Beast Boy: It's your life, Terra. Your choice. It's never too late to change.

Terra: Sorry, Beast Boy, for everything I've done.

(He gives her one more doleful glance, and with a scream of supreme fury, she swings her hand across the lair. The projectile pivots to point in that direction, away from Beast Boy and all the other Titans, and rockets directly at Slade. He jumps away from his vantage point, but the shock wave throws him off balance and sends him much farther back. She starts after him before anyone else can, then opens up a fissure to swallow him up; he leaps clear and perches amid a jumble of steel girders at the ceiling.)

(This is only a temporary respite, though, as she floats up and breaks the beams' attachment points to send the mass of metal thundering down. Cyborg clears away the rocks pinning Beast Boy. Slade gets to his feet and finds Terra descending behind him; her gritted teeth and pinpoint pupils show that she has had all of him she can stand.)

Slade: You ungrateful, little--

(Without finishing the thought, which surely would have ended with a very colorful obscenity, he charges at her. She holds her ground and brings up an immense column as he approaches; it carries him upward a bit too fast for his own comfort, and the Titans look on from the far end of the lair. As loose rocks rain down everywhere, Slade is driven to his knees before Terra. She begins to pelt him with one chunk after another, pushing him to the edge of his perch and finally over it. As his scream fades away, she gasps for breath and lets her powers wind down.)

(Long shot of her, floating slowly down to the area Slade stood on. Smoke and dust stream up as she steps cautiously to its edge and looks in. Close-up of the lip, panning slowly across the dark heights, then pull back. With not a hint of warning, Slade leaps out of the depths to crash a killer punch into her face. The strike lays her out, but not for long; he steps up, clamps one steel-gloved hand onto her breastplate, and hoists her up. Close-up of her, head lolling bonelessly on her neck, but she soon comes to, hair blowing wildly and eyes blazing as when she took on that giant scorpion ten episodes ago.)

Terra: You can't control me anymore!

(On the last word, pull back to a silhouette view of both. The light of her power burns around their outlines. From-the-ground shot of the two; that terrible glow stands out as a brilliant sphere in the dim upper expanse. It intensifies greatly and starts to spread down the sides of the pillar, then blossoms into an infernal explosion that wipes out the screen. When the view clears, we see the Titans looking on with complete shock. The dust before them clears to show Terra standing alone on a piece of floating rock, with Slade nowhere in sight. The column she raised has been obliterated.)

(She drops to her knees with a weary little groan. Now the entire underground complex begins to tremble as a jet of lava fountains up behind the Titans.)

Robin: Terra's power! It's triggered a volcano! (Another eruption; Cyborg checks his forearm panel.)

Cyborg: Big enough to take out the whole city! And way too big to stop! (Another one, which Raven blocks.)

Raven: We have to get out of here!

(Robin signals retreat, and all but Beast Boy follow.)

Beast Boy: Terra! (She floats down to him amid the cataclysm.) Come on! We gotta go!

Terra: (resolutely) I have to stay.

(The lava is now rising quickly, and more rocks are coming down.)

Beast Boy: (horrified) No!

Terra: I'm the only one who can stop it.

Beast Boy: Please, Terra, you can't! It's too late!

(She brushes the hair from her face, giving him a clear view of both eyes for the first time since she left him in the funhouse to join Slade.)

Terra: (smiles) It's never too late.

(His face softens as he realizes what this decision means; both for Jump City and for the flawed hero finally finding redemption, and Terra gives him one last hug. Close-up: Terra's eyes are filled with tears.)

Terra: You were the best friend I ever had.

(While more streams of molten rock spew forth around them, he backs carefully away from her. Their platform splits between them, and she sends his half away. He keeps his eyes fixed on her for as long as he possibly can; she stands on her perch, hands glowing at her sides and her body ramrod-straight. As soon as Beast Boy is within Cyborg's reach, he is pulled away and all five Titans bug out.)

(Cut to a close-up of Terra, her ruined clothing hanging in shreds from beneath the steel plates. Her expression shows that for her, at this moment, nothing exists in her world except for the task of keeping the volcano from blowing its top. Every part of her body begins to glow yellow as the sea of boiling rock rages all around her; with her head bowed and her eyes closed, that mane of blond hair rises of its own accord. A lava gusher breaks wider, and the camera cuts to a shot of Slade's mask, lying abandoned and being engulfed by the red-hot torrent.)

(Terra stands in her motionless battle against the impending destruction; now a column of light shoots upward from her body. Finally, she brings her fists up from her sides and clenches her teeth soundlessly for the biggest effort of her life. In a long shot, she voices one final scream as the energy and lava surge everywhere and the view fades to white.)

(Fade in to a slow pan across the remains of Slade's lair. It is now totally quiet and still, and the lava has receded. The light through the stained-glass windows has gone out, and in the distance a small figure can be seen on an outcropping. Zoom in on this and dissolve to a close-up, still zooming; it is Terra, arms still spread wide, legs braced, hair blowing, but she has been turned to stone.)

Beast Boy: (voice over) Her name was Terra.

(Fade to black, then in to a slow pan across a street in Jump City. It is nighttime. The fog has cleared, and neither Ternion nor any of Slade's robots are present.)

Beast Boy: (voice over) She was gifted with tremendous power, and cursed with it as well.

(Dissolve to a sidewalk. A couple of fellows walk past the cars parked at the curb.)

Beast Boy: (voice over) She was a dangerous enemy... (Another car rolls up.) ...and a good friend.

(Dissolve to the Titans walking through the remains of Slade's lair. Starfire carries a bouquet of roses.)

Beast Boy: (voice over) And she was one of the bravest people that I have ever known.

(During this line, they reach the stone former Titan/villain, who has been moved to an easily accessible outcropping that serves as a natural pedestal. A rectangular recess has been carved into its front face. Close-up of the feet; Starfire reaches into view and lays her flowers gently between them.)

Starfire: I shall miss you, friend.

Raven: We'll be searching for a way to reverse the effect. (Beast Boy now holds something flat.)

Robin: We'll bring her back.

Cyborg: Someday.

(The one Titan who has yet to speak up here steps forward and sets his object at the edge of Terra's pedestal.)

Beast Boy: (voice breaking) I'll never forget you, Terra.

(He bows his head and closes his eyes for a moment, then heads out with the others. Cut to a close-up of the petrified blonde's head and tilt down to her feet. There, below the roses, we now see his offering; a plaque, set into the recess, bearing these words.)




(Zoom in slightly, then dissolve to a close-up of the plaque and fade to black.)

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