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"Aftershock - Part 1" is the season finale of Season 2 and the twenty-fifth episode of Teen Titans series. It is followed by "Aftershock - Part 2".


The episode opens with Slade instructing his deadly new apprentice, Terra. She confirms that she will serve him forever, that she has no doubts about her allegiance, and that she will destroy the Teen Titans.

That day, the Titans are enjoying a drive through the city in the T-Car. Raven is busy ignoring Beast Boy, mainly in an attempt to get Raven to laugh, but she only turns the jokes back at him. Out of nowhere, something (which turns out to be a boulder) hits them full on from the side and the car is sent spinning down the street. They exit the car and see Terra standing before them wearing a metallic suit with Slade's insignia on the front. Terra starts her attack by unleashing a lightning-fast pummel of rocks. They dive out of the way as more rocks hit the T-Car, utterly totaling it.

Terra fighting the Titans.

The Titans return to the attack, albeit hesitantly. Terra thoroughly demonstrates her new powers with her close-combat skills and is an even match for all of the Titans. She even demonstrates the ability to produce monsters from the streets. When she is surprised at this, Slade informs her that her new suit serves as a neural link between them. Slade can now project his own movements and attacks through his new apprentice, making her all the more dangerous. At several points during the battle the Titans show reluctance to deal any damaging blows to their attacker. There is one instance in particular where Starfire hits Terra hard with her eye beams and immediately goes to her side ruefully. Terra just smiles and says that Starfire was always easy to fool before hitting her with a plume of brick. Ultimately, Robin calls for a retreat and the Titans leave the battle. Beast Boy stares sadly at Terra before following.

Back at Titans Tower as they recover from the skirmish, they are quite frustrated by their inability to fight effectively and treat Terra like they would any other criminal. Beast Boy says Terra is not just another criminal. She was a Teen Titan and their friend. Cyborg and Raven say that Terra was never truly their friend, who was a liar and a spy who was sent to destroy them by Slade and has always been pure evil. Beast Boy refuses to believe that Terra is a criminal and says that he knew her better than anyone and she may have some issues, but she is not evil and they can't give up on her. Robin reminds him that Terra is working for Slade, to which Beast Boy turns to Robin and asked him did they give up on him when he worked for Slade (despite that Slade blackmailed him), Robin and the others decides that Terra gets one more chance. At that moment the alarm sounds.

Terra makes fun of Raven.

Terra has gone to the maximum security prison and freed Cinderblock, Plasmus, and Overload. She places control devices on all three so they are now under Slade's command. The Titans split up with Robin and Starfire going after Cinderblock, Beast Boy and Cyborg going after Plasmus and Raven taking Overload on her own. Raven quickly defeats Overload by blasting him with the water pipes, but just then Terra appears. She slowly gains the upper hand and taunts Raven to the point that she loses control of her anger and attacks her in the raging form not seen since "Nevermore". However, she is still no match for Terra and is seemingly drowned in a pool of mud.

Robin and Starfire subsequently defeat Cinderblock, but no sooner have they done this than Terra ambushes them, sending Starfire plummeting off a cliff into the ocean, and leaving Terra to escape with Cinderblock in tow. Beast Boy and Cyborg are in the midst of fighting Plasmus when a big fault opens beneath them. Beast Boy holds onto the edge but Cyborg falls into the darkness. Terra evilly sneers at Beast Boy and closes the fault on him as he screams out her name.

Later, Terra is searching for Robin when he surprises her. Robin has the advantage for most of the battle but he angers her when he tries to assuage her to his side again. Terra proclaims that she is not a sad helpless little girl and that she wanted to fight with Slade and annihilate him and his "pathetic friends". As she brings a rock down on top of him, the scene cuts directly to her presenting Slade with Robin's badge. Slade congratulates her and they prepare to conquer Jump City.

Meanwhile, the Titans have survived somehow and reunited somewhere underground. They decide once and for all that Terra gets no more chances, trust, and mercy. Finally seeing her as just another criminal, they vow to stop her...no matter what it takes.


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  • The title refers to the aftermath of what happened in "Betrayal". An aftershock is a smaller earthquake that occurs after a previous large earthquake, in the same area of the main shock. This relates to Terra's powers to control and move the Earth.
  • This is one of the few episodes that is completely dramatic/serious, in which no sight gags were used.


  • This is the second appearance of Overload. Strangely, he appears to be mute, unlike in "Car Trouble".
  • This episode makes references to Robin working as Slade's apprentice in "Apprentice - Part 2".
  • Terra reminding Beast Boy that she does not have any friends is referenced from the end of "Betrayal", when Beast Boy says to her "Slade was right, you don't have any friends".
  • This is the second time the T-Car was destroyed.
  • This is probably the second time Raven has her inner rage unleashed when she was mocked by Terra.


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