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Adonis is a supervillain and enemy of the Teen Titans.

Character history

Adonis without his armor.

Adonis first clashed with the Titans in an animal testing center. While he defeated the other Titans, he enraged Beast Boy to the point where the latter turned wild and viciously attacked Adonis, wrecking his battlesuit. During this, a chemical tank was punctured, drenching both Beast Boy and Adonis with its contents. As it turned out, the chemical was an experimental mutagen which turned both Adonis and Beast Boy more vicious - first only in behavior, but later also physically by turning both into some sort of super-werebeasts.

Driven by his new bestial instincts, Adonis came to Titans Tower and attacked Beast Boy; when Raven happened across the scene, he attacked her too, and only the timely intervention of Beast Boy saved her life. However, when Robin, Starfire, and Cyborg found them in the sewers, they assumed Beast Boy was the main culprit who attacked Raven and was framed for Adonis' crimes. Beast Boy changed into a werebeast again and was chased back into the sewers by Robin and Cyborg, where they eventually came to witness a brutal altercation between Beast Boy and Adonis, which Beast Boy won. Following that, Cyborg developed an antidote to the mutagen which returned both to normal, and Adonis was delivered to the authorities while Beast Boy's name was cleared and declared innocent.

Adonis (front) and Beast Boy (back) fighting in their Werebeast forms.

At some later point, Adonis returned to harass several body-builders at the beach, but was easily defeated by Cyborg, who at that time had augmented his abilities with a new computer processor chip. Adonis later joined the Brotherhood of Evil and participated in the race initiated by Ding Dong Daddy for Robin's most secret possession, but was rudely excluded from the competition by Red X, who caused a mass collision which also involved the Puppet King, Mumbo and Doctor Light.

When the Brotherhood executed its plans to eliminate young superheroes around the world, Adonis and Atlas were sent to attack and capture Pantha. Despite having pinned her, Pantha escaped the two villains and later resurfaced under Beast Boy's leadership. Taken by surprise in one of the Brotherhood base's corridors, Adonis was kicked in his toes by Más, and while he hopped on one foot in pain, Herald used his horn to strip him of his armour and then dispatched him with a well-aimed kick. It is not known whether he was trashed out by Pantha and isn't present in the final battle.

Powers and abilities

Adonis' car. Note the similarities with certain parts of his armour.

Adonis' powers derive solely from his battlesuit, which enhances his strength to superhuman levels and, due to its metallic chassis, affords protection from physical attacks. The suit is apparently controlled by neural interface, since on occasion Adonis has demonstrated the ability to wriggle his chest 'muscles' just like normal human flesh; and Más was able to exploit a weakness in the suit to inflict pain on him by kicking his 'toes', despite the fact that the suit's arms and legs clearly outsize Adonis' own and thus his own hands and feet do not fit into the armor's.


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  • Adonis openly seems to have an attraction to Raven. At one point, he pins her to the ground, purring rather seductively at her and saying "You're a feisty one..." in "The Beast Within".
  • He was seen donning a blue armor in "Titans Together" as opposed to the typical red. Also, in "Revved Up", he is wearing yellow armor to match his car.
  • In "The Beast Within", following the first battle with Adonis, Beast Boy flips through the running television programs, which include a car commercial. If you look closely, you can recognize several parts of the car (including the logo) to be also parts of Adonis' suit. Therefore it is likely that he is in some way connected to the car manufacturer and uses the manufacturing facilities and parts to build his battlesuits.
  • Adonis seems to have many similarities with Carl Nesmith from Ben 10: Ultimate Alien/Ben 10: Omniverse.
  • He also has some similarities to Cash from the Ben 10 series in terms of design and also similar to how in an episode Cash wore a blue power armor similar to Adonis and both wanted to one up their respective rivals.
  • He is named after Adonis, an ancient Greek mythological figure known for his unrivaled good looks and for being the mortal human lover of the goddess Aphrodite.
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